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Specifications ZFM-200 ABA
Eyepiece Wide Field WF10x/18mm
Objective Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 100x/1.25(Spring, Oil)
Fluorescence 25x/0.65
Head Trinocular, Inclination 30°, Rotatable 360°
Focus System Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus System, With Tensional Adjustable And Up Stop, Minimum Division of Fine Focusing 0.002mm
Nosepiece Quadruple, Backward Ball Bearing Inner Locating
Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage, Size 135x125mm, Move Range 75x35mm
Condenser Abbe Condenser N.A.1.25 Rack & Pinion Height Adjustable
Filter Frosted Filter
Blue Filter
Collector For Halogen Lamp
Light Source 6V 20W Halogen Lamp, Adjustable Brightness
Reflected Epi-Fluorescence Mercury Lamp House 100W DC
Power Supply Unit AC 110V or 220V
Fluorescence Filter B Exciton Wavelength 450~490nm
Fluorescence Filter G Exciton Wavelength 495~555nm


Specifications ZFM-200 ABA
Eyepiece Wide Field WF16x/11mm
Dividing 10x/20mm, 0.1mm/Div
Objectives Fluorescence Objectives FL 40x/1.00 (Spring, Glycerin)
Fluorescence Objectives FL 100x/1.25 (Spring, Glycerin)
Nosepiece Quintuple (Backward Ball Bearing Inner Locating)
Filter Green
Fluorescence Power Supply Unit AC 110-220V Wide Voltage, For 100W Fluorescence, With Constant Power And Calculagraph
Reflected Fluorescence Fluorescence Filter UV Exciton Wavelength 320~380nm
Fluorescence Filter V Exciton Wavelength 380~415nm
Phase Contrast Unit Eyepiece: Centering Telescope
Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objective 10x/0.25 PHP
Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objective 20x/0.40 PHP
Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objective 40x/0.65 PHP(Spring)
Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objective 100x/1.25 PHP(Spring, Oil)
(PH-I) Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser
(PH-II) Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser
Flashboard Phase Contrast Condenser
Pullboard Phase Contrast Condenser
CCD Adapter 0.4x C-Mount
1.0x C-Mount
0.5x C-Mount With Dividing 0.1mm/Div
0.5x C-Mount
DC Adapter Digital SLR Camera Adapter for Canon EF
Photo Adapter 2.5X/4X Change over photograph adapter with 10X viewing eyepiece
4X Focusing photograph adapter
MD Adapter
PK Adapter