ZBM-100 AA


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Specifications ZBM-100 AA
Total Magnification 40X-1000X
Observation Tube Binocular, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
Eyepiece WF10X/18mm
Objective Lens PH Infinity Achromatic Objective
40X (Spring)
100X (Spring, Oil)
Nosepiece Four Holes Nosepiece
Stage Curved double-layer mechanical platform, 140x140mm, stroke 76x52mm
Focusing Mechanism (Gear Drive) Coarse and fine movement coaxial, adjustable elasticity, Coarse movement stroke: 28mm, micro movement accuracy: 0.002mm
Condensor Abbe condenser, NA=1.25, iris diaphragm, center adjustable, handwheel lifting
Collecting Mirror Critical illumination (Kohler illumination), adjustable field diaphragm
Upper Light Source USB flexible light, 360° lighting without any blind spot
Bottom Light Source 3W color temperature adjustable LED, compound eye lighting, brightness adjustable, color temperature adjustable, right-side insertion and removal
Intelligent Sensing Device 30 minutes delay induction shutdown
Photoelectric Smart Display LED intelligent display of the working status of the up and down lights and battery power
Power Supply External regulated power adapter DC 5V/2A,
Rechargeable battery 3.7V-1600mAh