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Specifications ZMM-200 ABM
Magnification Optical Magnification 50x~1000x, Total Magnification 135x~2700x
Eyepiece High Eyepoint Plan Eyepiece PL10x/22mm, Diopter Adjustable
Head 5o~35o Infinity Gemel Trinocular Head, Erect Image, 360° Rotating, Interpupillary Range 50~76mm; Light Splitting Ratio Switch E0:P100/E100:P0
Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Achromatic Metallurgical Objective
5x-DIC LMPL5x/0.15 W.D.10.8mm
10x-DIC LMPL10x/0.3 W.D.12.20mm
20x-DIC LMPLanFL20x/0.4 W.D.8.8mm, Semi-APO
50x LMPLFL50x/0.55 W.D.7.9mm
100x LMPLFL100x/0.80 W.D.2.1mm (Optional)
Nosepiece Reversed Quintuple Nosepiece, With DIC Slot, For Bright Field
Working Stage & Illumination Manual Stage, Moving Range 200mm(X) x 100mm(Y), With Digital Indicator. Z-Axis With Auto-control Box For Focusing; Z-Axis Move Range 175mm. Measuring Precision: X/Y (3+L/200)um, Z-Axis Repeatability Precision 2μm (20x Objective), With 5W LED Transmitted Illumination
Table Table For Machine
Focusing Focus Assist Controlled By High-Precision Electric Controller, With 3 Speeds Available, With Double Reticle; Focusing Range >400mm
Polarizing Polarizer Slide For Reflect Illumination
360° Rotatory Analyzer Slide For Reflect Illumination
Adapter 0.5x C-Mount, Focus Adjustable
Digital Camera 1.2M Digital Camera, Pixel 1280(H) x 960(V); 60fps; Interface Gige; Sensor CMOS (Color)
Software MSU3D-Pro Measurement software
Computer DELL 3470, Intel i5 Commercial Oce, Desktop Computer (i5-9400 8G 1T WIFI) 21.5″ Monitor
Spanner Spanner M5
Spanner M4
Packing Foam+ Master Carton


Specifications ZMM-200 ABM
Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Achromatic BD Metallurgical Objective
5x-DIC/0.15 W.D.9.0mm
10x-DIC/0.3 W.D.9.0mm
20x-DIC/0.4 W.D.8.5mm, Semi-APO
50x/0.55 W.D.7.5mm
100x/0.80 W.D.2.1mm
DIC DIC Prism (Reflection)
Nosepiece Reversed Quintuple Nosepiece, With DIC Slot, For Bright & Dark Field
Adapter 0.65x C-Mount, Focus Adjustable
Micrometer High Quality Micrometer Slide 0.01mm