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Specifications ZFM-202 PBI
Head Binocular, Inclination 45 Degree Interpupillary Distance 53~75mm.
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm
Centering Telescope
Objective Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective
PLL 10x/0.25, WD 4.3mm, Cover Glass 1.2mm
PLL 20x/0.40, WD 8.0mm, Cover Glass 1.2mm
PLL 40x/0.60, WD 3.5mm, Cover Glass 1.2mmInfinity Plan Achromatic Phase Contrast Objective
PLL10x/0.25 PHP2, WD 4.3mm, Cover Glass 1.2mm
PLL20x/0.40 PHP2, WD 8.0mm, Cover Glass 1.2mm
PLL40x/0.60 PHP2, WD 3.5mm, Cover Glass 1.2mm
Focus Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus, With Tension Adjustable And Up Stop, Minimum Division of Fine Focusing 2μm
Nosepiece Quintuple
Transmit Illumination Turnplate Phase Contrast Condenser, Working Distance 55mm
6V30W Halogen, Brightness Adjustable
Frosted Glass, Blue Filter, Green Filter
Illumination System
Power Supply Unit, 110V or 230V Optional
100W DC Mercury Lamp
Stage Fixed Stage Overall Size 227x208mm
Glass Round Stage Size Dia.118mm
Mechanical Moving Device, Moving Range 77x114mmCulture Dish Holder:
86×129.5mm, For Circular Culture Dish Dia.7.5mm
34×77.5mm, For Circular Culture Dish Dia.68.5mm
57x82mm, For Circular Culture Dish Dia.60.0mm
Video Port Side Photo/Video Port On Base, With 100% Light Pass


Specifications ZFM-202 PBI
Eyepiece Recital Eyepiece WF10x/22mm, 0.1mm / Div.
Objective Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective PL5X/0.12 W.D.26.1
Nosepiece Sextuple (Backward Ball Bearing Inner Locating)
CCD Adapter 0.4x
0.5x With Dividing 0.1mm/Div.
Photo Adapter 2.5x/4x Change Over Photograph Attachment With 10x Photo Eyepiece
4x Focusing Photograph Attachment
MD Adapter
PK Adapter
Digital Camera Adapter For Canon EF digital SLR Camera Adapter