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Specifications ZBM-301 KBP
Optical System Infinity Color Corrected Optical System
Head Trinocular Head, Light Split Switch E100:P0/E80:P20
Gemel Viewing Head, 45 Degree Inclined, Interpapillary Distance 54-75mm, One eyepiece tube with 5 Diopter Adjustment,
Eyepiece PL10x/22mm, High Eyepoint, Wide Field
Nosepiece Reversed Revolving Quintuple Nosepiece
Objective Long Working Distance Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives
LWDPL 4x/0.10, W.D.=22mm
LWDPL 10x/0.25, W.D.=7.94mm
LWDPL 40x/0.60, W.D.=3.72mmLWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives
LWDPL 20x/0.40, W.D.=7.66mm
Stage Fixed Stage Size 250*160mm, Slider Clips
Glass Plate
Metal Plate
Petri Dish Holder, Dia.35mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing System, Working Distance Of Every Circle: 38mm/Coarse Focus, 0.2mm/ Fine Focus, Minimal Read 0.002mm/, With Tension Adjustment, With Safety Stop
Condenser N.A.0.3 Kohler Illumination Condenser, with Phase Adjustable Slide Plate, Long Working Distance 72mm. The Whole Set Can Be Rotated Down
Phase Contrast Phase Contrast Plug-board for 10x-40x, Center Adjustable
Centering Telescope Dia. 30mm
Filter Dia.45mm Green Interference Filter
Dia.45mm Color Temperature Change Filter
Light Kohler Illumination, With Iris Aperture and Field Diaphragm, 6V/30W Halogen Bulb, Center And Focus Adjustable, Brightness Adjustable
Power Wide Voltage 90-240V